I learned that no matter where you are, whether that be in the United States or abroad in new places like Europe, you are always going to be surrounded by people similar to you and also people that are dissimilar to you. In order to make the best of your surroundings, you must always be open to trying new things, whether that be new food or new language, etc. This was really important for me to learn because having this kind of outlook will help no matter where I am and in my future career.

-Carli, Human Rights: Paris and London

" From Ellen, three-time study abroad alum
" Beijing, China-Victoria, Senior.

 Photo by: Victoria during Discover China, summer 2013 program.

Photo by: Zona during KIIS Mexico I: Merida. Studied Spanish.

" Segovia, Spain- Rebecca, Senior

Photo by: Rebecca during Spain II (KIIS). Studied advanced oral spanish and spanish civilization and culture.

" Ireland- Shelby, Senior.

Photo by: Shelby during Ireland Spring Break program.

Today’s post is going to focus on culture shock. Japanese culture isn’t drastically different from American culture, but it is definitely different. Respect and etiquette are huge here, speech patterns depend on your status, and the status of the person you are talking to…