Check out all of the MSU love from DePaul Hendrix, who studied this summer with the KIIS Barcelona program. 

"Visting Park Güell during the middle of the program was when I had my epiphany moment. So much gratification and sense of accomplishment came over me when I at last sat down on the longest bench in the world designed by the architect I’ve studied since middle school. That moment meant so much to me and I’ll forever cherish it.” -DePaul

"It was very interesting to hear the American stereotypes that the host cultures had. Even more interesting, I found that they were just as untrue as my stereotypes of them." - Sarah Morgan, Greece and Italy

Shayna Busche on the Ireland Education Summer program with professor Pam Matlock!

"The most significant thing I learned about myself through my study abroad experience was my willingness to learn.  Pam Matlock is a wonderful educator and I developed a professional relationship with her that helped me gain even more insight on the education system, history and culture of Ireland.” - Shayna

Murray State sends its first group of students on the Experience Scotland program this summer.  This opportunity is available every summer, fall semester and spring semester.

L to r: MSU students Scott Rife, Sam Baum, Nick Barron, Sierra White, and MSU history professor Dr. Kathy Callahan.

During my study abroad experience, our group visited the U.K. headquarters of Amnesty International. It was an honor to see the inner workings of an international organization that advocates for human rights around the world and to represent Murray State University to that organization. Learning about Amnesty’s history and current work formed the capstone of our studies, which revolved around human rights history. I liked being so close to the organization, especially since we could ask questions about Amnesty’s involvement in different movements in the world.

- Helen, Human Rights: Paris and London

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I learned that no matter where you are, whether that be in the United States or abroad in new places like Europe, you are always going to be surrounded by people similar to you and also people that are dissimilar to you. In order to make the best of your surroundings, you must always be open to trying new things, whether that be new food or new language, etc. This was really important for me to learn because having this kind of outlook will help no matter where I am and in my future career.

-Carli, Human Rights: Paris and London

" From Ellen, three-time study abroad alum
" Beijing, China-Victoria, Senior.

 Photo by: Victoria during Discover China, summer 2013 program.

Photo by: Zona during KIIS Mexico I: Merida. Studied Spanish.